Easy, clear, practical exercise cards

to support you in your discovery and practice of Sophrology.


Our tools are ideal for Sophrology practitioners,

to support creation of protocols & to enhance offering to clients

by providing comprehensive hand outs to help them practice at home.

They are also the perfect tool

for anyone looking to discover the practice of Sophrology at home

with simple guided exercises.


We hope you love them, happy shopping! 


Children Pack:

A pack of 8 exercises dedicated to children, combining dynamic relaxation and
breathing exercises, specifically created for them.

Breathing Pack 1:

A pack of 8 different breathing exercises, ranging from relaxing to energising.

The perfect tool to reconnect with the breath.

Breathing Pack 2:

A pack of 8 new and creative breathing exercises, 

The perfect tool to learn to breathe in full consciousness.

Dynamic Relaxation Pack:

A pack of 16 classic exercises,

aiming at gentle body movement to reconnect with the body.


Visualisation Pack:

A pack of 8 simple & powerful visualisations,

5 for adults and 3 for children but perfectly adaptable to all.


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breathing pack.jpg
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visualisation pack .jpg